About Brooke

I am a wife and a mother who moved to Kansas 5 years ago and immediately fell in love. We planted our roots and bought a home, started a family, and opened a small business, right here in Wichita.

During COVID, I saw first-hand the impact government has on its citizens, and what happens when elected officials fail to show up. When the world shut down, hundreds of thousands of Kansans lost their jobs and relied on unemployment benefits. While legislators slept, I was up early taking calls from scared Kansans who couldn’t pay bills or struggled to access state assistance. I helped them get in contact with programs that could help during their greatest time of need.

And when I gave birth to my son in April 2020, I witnessed the terror inside of hospitals and felt the helplessness shared by so many of my neighbors. I didn’t ignore the issues plaguing my community; I investigated them, centered my neighbors, and amplified their stories.

Will the person you vote for be there for you in times of need?

I will because I have been. Representatives are supposed to represent the people. Not only do I listen to concerns and seek the truth but I provide solutions.

Let me be your voice in Topeka and let’s move our communities forward together.

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